Does your dog hate to be groomed?


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                                                                                       Petting a dog is usually pleasurable for both you and the dog.  In fact studies have shown that just by petting a dog a human’s blood pressure will decrease.  This is a great benefit for both you and your dog.

Sometimes brushing or combing a dog is not pleasurable, because the dog has mats and knots.  This means it hurts when the comb or brush gets stuck and it pulls the skin.  I remember as a child I had long hair and my mother would sometime hurt me when she was combing it out.  Also even being every so careful it is easy to cut a dogs nails too close and make them bleed. This also hurts.  So it is understandable when the dog resists grooming and even bites when you try.  So how do you to get a reactive dog to accept grooming?  Give it food while grooming.  You will need two people one to groom and one to give the food.  Start slow and work up to a full groom