First Time Every Time Come When Called

First Time Every Time Come When Called

Coming when called is one of the most misunderstood ’command’ in the dog training world. First of all it should not be a command but and invite. Come over to me and good things are going to happen is how the dog should perceive the word come. Loose dogs learn early on that when they come close to you after being called they are going to be put on a leash. They do not want to be taken away from all the fun they are having off leash. Then they become very difficult to catch.
So to combat the fun you have to be more interesting.
So when the dog is young call the dog in an enclosed space and gives it a tasty treat and immediately let is loose again. Do this over and over. Do it At least ten times for every once you put on the leash. So the dog learns it can get a treat and do the all fun things as well. Once the dog is coming reliably in an enclosed space put a long line (thirty feet or more) and try it in the open. Continue practicing until the dog comes every time.

Next time I will deal with dogs who are confirmed runners

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