Picture by numbers.


I recently purchased Paint by Numbers picture of Spud.  It was  from https://thelogicaldog.com/

It was so easy I just sent my picture and within a couple of weeks I got back the paint by numbers kit.   There was the choice of 24 color or 36 I chose the 24 because Spud is Black and white so there is not much color variation.  So I thought but when the kit came there were so many subtle variations I was amazed.  This is the kit when it arrived

If you look carfully you can just see the outline of Spud.

There certainly was plenty of paint.  The little pots went a long way; most of them are not even half used.  Plenty of paint to do two or more paintings if I wished. The brushes were high quality, holding together very well, they had a very fine one and a wider one plus a mid size one so there was ample choice.   Here is the painting with about a quarter of it done


I had to remember to put the pots back in their numbered slots as there was no numbers printing on the  small pots themselves and also only to have one pot of paint open at a time.

It took a week for me to finish the painting working 2 or 3 hours a day.

Now I have a canvas painting ready to mount and frame.   I really like it. 

   What do you think of the result?


You can get yours by ordering at Paint by Number kit