Spud’s Spring Shed

Dogs have different coat types.  They range from the hairless Mexican dog known as the Xoloitzcuintle  to the dogs like Poodles with continuously growing hair that has to be cut every six weeks or so.   Keeping your dogs coat and skin in good condition take varying amounts of time depending on the coat type.


Taking care of your dogs fur is a time for bonding, and should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.  Research you dogs coat type and have a routine that keeps the skin and fur in good condition.




Long or short fur. all dogs need their ears cleaned, and nails clipped.   Dogs with floppy ears need ears looked at and cleaned at least weekly, less for dogs with standing up ears.   If you dog spends most of his time indoors then the nails will have to be trimmed on a regular basis.




Dogs with continuously growing hair need professional grooming, and you either send them to a grooming salon or buy the correct equipment and learn to trim the hair yourself.



Dogs with short fur just need a quick brush to keep the coat smooth and shiny.




Spud has an in between coat.   His fur grows to a certain length and then stops. He is double coated which means he has longer guard hairs growing over a dense undercoat that keeps him warm.  He sheds his fur twice a year once in the fall and the larger shed in the spring.




This fur will come  by itself but it tends to form mats. So it needs to be combed out.   I use a steel comb with long tines.  For the long hair I hold it and comb out the big clumps so the pulling does not hurt him.  He seems to enjoy the process.



Ears are cleaned with a few drops of coconut oil on a makeup removal pad.  Spud is not a fan of having his ears cleaned, but he really does not like his nails trimmed.   I have to resort to bribery for him to let me cut nails.   I have never cut them so close that they bleed and hurt but he hides his feet when he sees the clippers.   I like using the pliers type of clipper as is has a guard that prevents you cutting too much.




Spud will take the cookie in his mouth  but he will not eat it until I finish cutting.  He then chomps it up and I usually give him another treat as well.    He always looks so nice after a good groom…now off to run through the mud.!




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