Why I Feed my Dogs Raw Food


I have fed my dogs raw food for over thirty years.  When my children were small my eldest had HADD disorder (Hyperactivity Attention Deficit)  and he was an extremely difficult   child to handle.  I found that if I cut out all artificial colouring, and restricted the sugar it made a huge difference to  his behaviour  The dog we had a the time would eat scraps and these would be healthy scraps.  When the children grew up and left home I stopped making all the food as there was only me, and started buying commercial dog food.  The dog within a short time began to smell, his coat got dull, he started to excessively shed hair, his teeth started to get tarter and he was stiff in his joints.  After reading the book , Give your dog a Bone, by Ian Billinghurst I change his diet to raw bones, meat and a few veggies.  He dramaticallyild improved so from then on all my dogs have eaten raw food.

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