What to expect when you adopt a Dog

Adopting a dog – what to expect

The times we live in mean that more and more people are working from home,  or are in forced isolation due to the COVID-19 crisis.   Because there are more stay at home people, lots of them think that this is the time to get a dog.  The rescue shelters are becoming empty which is a good thing but I worry that a lot of these new adoptees will end up back at the shelter due to inexperience and ignorance of what to expect when you adopt from a shelter.

Don’t expect your new companion to form a strong relationship with your family in the beginning.  Whether you have adopted a young puppy or a more mature dog this transition is going to take some time.  There is often a period called the Honeymoon phase, where the new member of the family is on their best behavior until they feel they know your routine and what to expect.  Often their personality with blossom after a week or two.  Once everyone in your household gets to know each other and is comfortable in their environment the bond will grow naturally.

If you have other animals, bringing in a new member can be very stressful for those already in residence. You must make sure that you do not neglect the animal already in the home.  One of the best ways to encourage good relationships is to give both the new and old structured attention.  This means to say their name and give a treats in rotation while they are in the same room. Having their name combined with a treat calms the resident animal and also teaches the newcomer what their name is.  Adopted animals often have their name changed and take time to learn what they a called.



What you will need:

Bringing your new family member home is just the beginning.  You will need to provide a bed, even if you plan to have your new dog sleep with you it is a good idea to have a bed where the dog can see you but is comfortable and can have a snooze during the day.  A crate (always a good idea) and collar and leash are the basics   You can get these things from   https://thelogicaldog.com/

Think about the food you intend to give your dog, I would recommend you feed your dog the best food you can afford.  Do some research about what is best.   Some new toys are always  appreciated.  And last but not least you will need a good veterinarian and a dog trainer.  Ask friends and family for recommendations,

Then enjoy you new found friend, include them in as many family activities as you can and you will have a wonderful companion for many years.