About Us


Logic. Reason and Commonsense

Dogs have been in our lives for thousands of years and have been both companions and tools to help us in our world. We At The Logical Dog seek to promote the relationship using logic, reason, and common sense.

In my 50 years as a dog trainer I have helped hundreds of people turn their uncontrollable dog into a loving obedient companion, that is welcome everywhere they go.

I help people that just want the basics right up to competition level in obedience and dog sports. I also help dog owners to stop all the problems that dogs can have…like..jumping, biting pulling on the leash and barking.

We are located on beautiful Manitoulin Island during the summer months and in Mexico during the winter.

My Story

Ever since I was a child I have had a affinity for animals. We had dogs and cats and when I grew up and had my own children I expanded into a small menagerie.  My own animals were always  well behaved  and did lots of tricks. People started to ask me how to get their dogs to do the tricks,   and then I started holding classes.   That was over 50 years ago.  I constantly learn form other people  but most of all by watching and listening to the dogs.


  • has hosted a pet focused radio show
  • has appeared on television.
  • is a member of Canadian Pet Dog Trainers
  • trained service dogs for the wheelchair bound
  • has written articles that have appeared in various publications.
  • is the author of Trick your Dog Into Obedience. a well respected training manual.
  • has helped hundreds of dog owners achieve their goals with their dogs. with her no nonsense and common sense approach