Alert! Is your pet food safe?

In Canada we have very pet food manufacturers , apart from Menu foods  which was involved in a massive pet food recall in 2007,  Menu food produces canned pet food for all most all North American pet food companies.  The food was contaminated with melamine — a chemical used in plastics, countertops, glue and fertilizers — in samples of recalled wet and dry pet food and treats. The chemical was also found in cats who died after eating the contaminated food.   There were over a thousand cat and dog deaths and untold left with serious health issues You can read about it  here

Menu Foods Recall

Most of the  pet food sold in Canada comes from the USA.  The FDA  which regulates the Pet food industry in the United states  has released a report that some of the foods that are Grain Free but rely on soybean, potato,peas or lentils for the filler instead of wheat,rice or corn  are causing heart disease.

Wheat, rice and Corn have their own problems when incorporated into pet food.  Dogs and especially cats who are true carnivores(meat eaters) often have allergic reactions to these ingredients  and they all do not have the enzyme production to assimilate grain protein properly.  Cats and Dogs often have trouble with weight gain  and lethargy associated with consumption of grain.

The pet food industry responded to the backlash from wheat rice and corn by introducing grain free,  but as meat is expensive they still needed a filler, so soybean, peas, lentils or potatoes have been added as a substitute for the grains.  Now it seems that these grain free foods come with their own problems.  There have been a lot of cases of heart disease linked to some of these brands.

Here are all of the pet food brands that the FDA have linked to heart disease. Which brand do you feed to your pup?
Taste of the Wild
Earthborn Holistic
Blue Buffalo
Nature’s Domain
California Natural
Natural Balance
Nature’s Variety
Rachael Ray Nutrish

What do you do now that both grain free pet food and pet food containing grain are causing problems?   Well for over 25  years I have been feeding my dogs and cats a raw food diet  of 75% fresh meat and bones, and 25% fresh raw fruit and vegetables.   With all the animals I have and have had (over 10 in all)  not one has been overweight, had allergies, had cancer, gone blind or deaf, had arthritis, had heart disease or kidney problems.   They live long healthy lives and die of old age.

How did I start feeding raw?.  A long time ago I had a son who was ADHA  , and in my journey of trying to understand and help him, I discovered that food affects behavior.  I also discovered that good food has a lot of benefits other than behavior.  This translated to dog food as well.  When I learned that Pet Food companies put sweepings from the floor (blood soaked sawdust from an abattoir is considered meat by product) and other things I would consider garbage ( feathers, feet, beaks) and say they are “nutritionally complete” ; I researched and started feeding raw food.

If you want to hear the full story  watch

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