How to make a dog pay attention

By Nancy Milburn

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you call your dog and it just keeps walking away. Sometimes they look at you and decide that something else is worth their attention, and they ignore you.   You are calling their name shouting and screaming and still they ignore you.   In the worst case you will be running after them trying to catch them.

Or when you are walking on a leash they are pulling and pulling trying to get to other dogs, people or just an interesting smell.

Well that can all change.

Not with my dog you say .You don’t believe it would happen with your dog.   It can with a little persistence on your .

Well try this simple technique.

Do not feed a your dog from a bowl.   Only feed from your hand and say its name every time it eats a handful.  It is very important to say the dogs name every time he eats from your hand.

Soon you dog will look at you every time you say its name.  Even if there is a distraction.

Dogs are hardwired to be looking for food, and if your hand is the only place they can get it, they will be always paying attention to you in case you might give them something to eat.

Try it out and leave a comment as to how it goes.

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