Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Is this a good or bad premise?     The training climate today is that you should be able to do anything to a dog without a bad reaction.  Well I do not agree.   There are definitely times to ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’     So many people post pictures and videos of their children doing things to dogs that are very dangerous.  Children riding, hugging and kissing dogs are all potentially dangerous.  The  dog in this photo is clearly not happy with being hugged.   Most people do not read the signals the dog give to say they are feeling uncomfortable with the situation and it builds until the only recourse (in the dog’s  view) is to bite.

Dogs are intelligent feeling beings, consequently there are times that dogs do not feeling like being touched, made to move, have food taken away or woken up.

That being said, the training you give your dog should make it generally safe around humans and other dogs.   Make sure your dog is exposed to different situations, and observe their reaction.   All dogs need to be supervised even if they are well trained.   Never ever leave a child and dog alone together, no matter how tolerant the dog seems to be