Puppy Biting



Puppies are lovely , that  sweet face and gamboling gait is enough to melt anyone’s heart.  But they can also be bad and frustrating and exhausting.  This is normal for any puppy, When thery are in a ltter, they canb take out their energy on each other, and sometimes their mom.  Doggy moms are good at disipline, they will let a puppy crawl  all over them but if the puppy bites  the mom dog will discipline,  This can be a little nip but comonly they mom dog will hold the puppy down not allowing it to move.  Sometimes she will get up and leave, with the attidude if you are going to hurt me then I won’t plzy with you.  Also the siblings won’t play if a puppy bites or is too rough.


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A lot of puppy owners get very frustrated with the puppy nipping and biting.  One of the best ways to stop the puppy biting is to say a loud OW and then either remove yourself or put the puppy in a crate.  The time out should last about a minute or so.  When you return or let the pup out of the crate and the biting immediately begins then repeat the Ow and again remove yourself or put puppy in the crate.

It may take a quite a few times to effect a good result, but all the puppy want when it bites or nips is your attention, Removing the attention will teach the pup that biting will not get what it wants.  Playing nicely without biting gets the pup all the attention it wants and needs.  Biting removes what it wants so it learns not to bite.



There are many many bad ways that people use to stop biting.  A lot of them use aggression, which only makes the puppy more aggressive.   Do NOT hit the puppy,  or hold its mouth closed, these will only increase aggression in the puppy. Some people use a shake can or squirt bottle, these methods only serve to make the dog afraid, which can lead to fear aggression.  Do Not pick up the puppy and shake it or put it on its back in an “alpha roll” both only serve only to frighten the pup and it can become wary of people.


In the Video you can see a pup that has learn bite inhibition but is still asking for attention,