Want to have an easy peasy way to train your dog?

Want to have a happy pup? Trick training is an easy way to get your dog to be obedient, and always pay attention to you.  It is fun and even children can learn to train their dog.  In fact because children have very little control over their lives they really enjoy the empowerment of having another being do as they say.  I have found that when a child takes on the trick training the dog becomes their best friend and and is trained very quickly.


Trick your dog into Obedience the ultimate training book is now available in a PDF format ready for you to download.  This book is written so that any child of reading age can easily follow the directions.  It is written in a progression so both you and the dog learn gradually, building the trust and skill.   The point form makes the process of training almost effortless, and each action is lavishly illustrated with pictures.

This incredible book  sells for $5.00   Hurry when this weekend is over so is the deal!!    For details on how to get his incredible deal  email nancy@doglogic.ca