Why are dogs noses wet?

Why are dogs noses wet?    There seems to be no one reason why dogs’ noses are wet. It is a combination of a number of different factors :





  1. A) Grooming Dogs are constantly licking their noses to clean themselves from all the trouble they’re sticking their nose into. And will lick dirt and sticky things off their nose
















  1. B) Cooling Off: Dogs dissipate body heat from their mouths via panting and their wet noses. Dogs have special mucus glands inside their nostrils to produce fluid that helps the cooling process move faster.




  1. C) Scent Detection: It’s suggested that dogs’ noses are wet because it helps absorb water droplets that carry scent. Some dogs can actually smell underwater.  I had a dog that would retrieve stones from the bottom of the river.  Even when the stone landed among similar stones the dog would swim down and bring up the one I had tossed into the water.





A wet nose is cold to the touch which why we perceive that dogs have cold noses. A hot dry nose  can be a sign that the dog is not feeling well, but some dogs noses are dry and they are perfectly fine.