Why do Dogs bury bones?


Why is it that the expensive bone you bought from the Pet Store is taken and instantly buried in the garden?  Is it not   something he would enjoy chewing?  So why instead of settling down for a nice long chew he immediately rushes outside to dig a hole and then bury the bone.

Sometimes the dog will take the bone and chew on it a while and then will bury it.   For dogs who do not have access to a garden, then they will try and bury bones under cushions and bedding.   This can be very distressing to their owners.   It  can pretty awful to find a bone slowly rotting in among your couch cushions

In simple terms it is a survival instinct.   Burying food away from predators to be dug up and enjoyed later is something wild dogs will do.   When food is plentiful then storing some for later makes good sense.   The powerful nose of the dog ensures that he can always find his buried treasures.   The high concentration of acid in a dog’s stomach kills the bacteria that multiply in a raw bone so that when it is dug up they can enjoy it safely.


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Lots of dogs will do this with a fresh raw bone, and lots of dogs like the bone to rot a bit before eating, it seems to increase their enjoyment however gross it is to us.

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