Spud's Spring Shed

Dogs have different coat types.  They range from the hairless Mexican dog known as the Xoloitzcuintle  to the dogs like Poodles with continuously growing hair that has to be cut every six weeks or so.   Keeping your dogs coat and skin in good condition take varying amounts of time depending on the coat type.   Taking care of your dogs fur is a time for bonding, and should be
April Showers and May Flowers

April Showers and May Flowers By Nancy Milburn Well what a winter we had. Mother Nature sure had an icy grip, and the snow!  Well enough said.   But all that snow is melting and joining with the rain to make walking around quite wet and muddy.  This means that keeping your dogs clean so that they do not track it into the house can be challenging.     Sometimes there
What do you do when the Dog Groomers are closed

    One of the problems caused by the shutdown and stay at home orders that the whole world is experiencing is what to do when your dog needs a groom?    Even humans are having that problem right now.  Shaggy hair and braids are going to become the norm even if they are not the height of fashion !     Dogs who have continuously growing hair need to be
Alert! Deadly Fungal Infection in Dogs

Fungal Infection (Blastomycosis) in Dogs This terrible disease has killed one of my dogs, and over a hundred on Manitoulin Island over the last few years. Poor Popeye was only sick a couple of weeks before he died. Not long enough for the medication to start working. Symptoms can include coughing, lesions and skin irritations, it sometime lodges in the eyes and blindness can result. Although cross contamination between humans
Puppy Biting

    Puppies are lovely , that  sweet face and gamboling gait is enough to melt anyone’s heart.  But they can also be bad and frustrating and exhausting.  This is normal for any puppy, When thery are in a ltter, they canb take out their energy on each other, and sometimes their mom.  Doggy moms are good at disipline, they will let a puppy crawl  all over them but if
Want to have an easy peasy way to train your dog?

Want to have a happy pup? Trick training is an easy way to get your dog to be obedient, and always pay attention to you.  It is fun and even children can learn to train their dog.  In fact because children have very little control over their lives they really enjoy the empowerment of having another being do as they say.  I have found that when a child takes on
Did you Know using essential oils can harm your pet?

by Nancy Milburn Essential oils are very popular.  Most of us want a home that smells nice and an essential oil diffuser is often the way people choose. But a number of essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats and can cause severe damage and even death.   The diffuser spreads the oil through the air and a dog that is indoors has no chance to escape.  Liver and kidney
Raw Food for Pets - Convenient?

By Nancy Milburn People who know me, know that not only do I feed my own pets raw food but I encourage others to do so too.  There are a great benefits to raw food, long life, health, lack of dental problems, less behaviour problems the list goes on and on.   But the one thing that stops most people from switching is that it usually comes frozen.  This take up
Dog Bite!

I have been bitten. It hurts, and can be a start of infection Dogs that bite are a real danger to people and they can cause serious damage. The larger the dog the more sever the damage, although a small dog can can cause damage to a face or even  take an eye out NO DOG BITES WITHOUT WARNING When someone says the dog just bit with no warning, it
The "Ethical"  treatment of Animals.

I love all animals and dogs in particular,  I consider myself  a caring compassionate person.   But I have what I consider a balanced outlook.   I feel that as long as we treat our food animals  well and they have a good life and quick, painless and  free of stress death, there is nothing wrong with using them for food.  This means I do not agree with battery house chickens or
Why do Dogs bury bones?

  Why is it that the expensive bone you bought from the Pet Store is taken and instantly buried in the garden?  Is it not   something he would enjoy chewing?  So why instead of settling down for a nice long chew he immediately rushes outside to dig a hole and then bury the bone. Sometimes the dog will take the bone and chew on it a while and then will
Why are dogs noses wet?

Why are dogs noses wet?    There seems to be no one reason why dogs’ noses are wet. It is a combination of a number of different factors :         A) Grooming Dogs are constantly licking their noses to clean themselves from all the trouble they’re sticking their nose into. And will lick dirt and sticky things off their nose        
I am so Grateful

Nancy at 8yrs.   Among the thing I am grateful in my life is that I was born with a great love of animals.  My heart would be emptier and life would be so much less without them.     Click on the picture below to see comfy pet beds.
Spirit and her Journey

After living her life outside for nine years Spirit found herself out of a home when her elderly owners moved into senior housing.   The Manitoulin Pet Rescue heard about her and offered to take her and re-home her. When Spirit came to me she was very overweight and severely matted. She has been with me for a couple of days.  On first trip to the vet she weighed in at
What to expect when you adopt a Dog

Adopting a dog – what to expect Don’t expect your new companion to form a strong relationship with your family in the beginning.  Whether you have adopted a young puppy or a more mature dog this transition is going to take some time.  There is often a period called the Honeymoon phase, where the new member of the family is on their best behavior until they feel they know your
Why I Feed my Dogs Raw Food

I have fed my dogs raw food for over thirty years.  How I came to do this started when my children were small. My eldest had HADD disorder (Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorder)  and he was an extremely difficult  child to handle.  Taking him to the doctor was no help, as the doctor put his disruptive behavior down to jealousy of this younger brother and lack of discipline on my part.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  Is this a good or bad premise?     The training climate today is that you should be able to do anything to a dog without a bad reaction.  Well I do not agree.   There are definitely times to ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’     So many people post pictures and videos of their children doing things to dogs that are very dangerous.  Children riding, hugging and kissing dogs are all potentially dangerous.
Hidden dangers for your pets this Christmas.

Holiday times are full of joy and laughter, having get-togethers with friends and family. Don’t spoil your Christmas with an expensive trip to the veterinarian. Note: If your pet has consumed a dangerous item, or is acting abnormally, contact your veterinarian immediately. Here are some dangers that can ruin a holiday: Most people know that the bones from your chicken and turkey are not good for pets.  The cooked bones
Does your dog hate to be groomed?

Petting a dog is usually pleasurable for both you and the dog.  In fact studies have shown that just by petting a dog a human’s blood pressure will decrease.  This is a great benefit for both you and your dog.  Many dogs will come and push their head and nose under your hand in an effort to get you to pet them.  Brushing a dog is a very similar action