Spirit and her Journey

After living her life outside for nine years Spirit found herself out of a home when her elderly owns moved into senior housing.   The Manitoulin Pet Rescue heard about her and offered to take her and re-home her When Spirit came to me she was very overweight and severely matted. She has been with me for a couple of days  On first trip to the vet she weighed in at
Dog Adoption

Adopting a dog  — what to expect Don’t expect your new companion to form a strong relationship with your family in the binning.  Whether you have adopted a young puppy or a more mature dog this transition is going to take some time.  Once everyone in your house hold gets to know each other and is comfortable in their environment the bond will grow naturally. If you have other animals
Why I Feed my Dogs Raw Food I have fed my dogs raw food for over thirty years.  When my children were small my eldest had HADD disorder (Hyperactivity Attention Deficit)  and he was an extremely difficult   child to handle.  I found that if I cut out all artificial colouring, and restricted the sugar it made a huge difference to  his behaviour  The dog we had a the time would eat scraps and these would
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  Is this a good or bad premise?     The training climate today is that you should be able to do anything to a dog without a bad reaction.  Well I do not agree.   There are definitely times to ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’     So many people post pictures and videos of their children doing things to dogs that are very dangerous.  Children riding, hugging and kissing dogs are all potentially dangerous.